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Call for Applications: Basic Underwater Archaeology Course 2013 (Inglês)

The International Centre for Underwater Archaeology Zadar (ICUA) is organising a 2-week basic training course on underwater archaeology, due to take place in Zadar, Croatia, on 3–15 June 2013. The course is organized with the support of the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, Venice (Italy).

The course will consist of theoretical and practical (hands on) instruction in the basic techniques of underwater archaeological excavation. Archaeologists from ICUA, Han-Vrana and the University of Zadar will conduct theoretical lessons, complemented by courses in diving and specialty diving according to the requirements of the SSI or PADI system. Practical instruction will take place in the frame of archaeological researches in the Pakoštane, Zadar environs, in order to allow the participants acquire the best possible knowledge of basic research techniques.
The course’s expected beneficiaries are archaeologists who have no or scarce diving experience, as well as experts in different disciplines (conservators, geologists, marine biologists, etc) who are interested in developing multidisciplinary skills and participate in underwater archaeology researches. Participation costs, intended as board and lodging for the participants, plus teaching activities and use of diving equipment during the course, will be covered by the organizers. Participants will be admitted to the study programme based on the specific requirements that apply.
The maximum number of trainees will be of 6 persons.

Participation costs for a maximum of 4 applicants will be covered by the organizers, according to the provisions of session 3 of this Call for Applications. NB: only citizens of the following countries are eligible for requesting the coverage of participation costs: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Montenegro, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and Turkey.
2 posts will be reserved for additional participants willing to cover their own participation costs, irrespectively of their country of provenance.
Expected profile of participants: archaeologists (including researchers, or university students enrolled in study courses for 2nd level degrees) with no or scarce diving experience, as well as experts in different disciplines (conservators, geologists, marine biologists, etc.) who are interested in developing multidisciplinary skills and participate in underwater archaeology researches. 
Language skills: participants must be proficient in the English language, English being the working language of the course.

Participation costs
Selected applicants will receive, free of charge:
  • Accommodation (board and lodging) during the course
  • Local transfers to the training sites
  • SSI/PADI manual
  • NAS manual
  • UNESCO manual on CD
  • Rented diving equipment (optional)
  • Insurance against diving accidents and injury
  • SSI/PADI Diving Certificates (optional)
  • ICUA certificate of attendance and successful completion of the course
Selected applicants will NOT receive:
  • reimbursement or contributions for their travel to/from Zadar
  • any daily allowance or other forms of additional financial support during the course.
Additional participants covering their own costs should apply for the rates.
Tentative Programme
Programmed activities will include:
  • Week one (3-8 June). This part is optional, for participants with no or scarce diving experience: basic diving training for those who do not have diving category or wish to advance in the category or add diving specialty. The course is conducted in English, according to SSI or PADI methodology. It will be possible to attend one of the following courses: Open Water Diver, Stress & Rescue Course, CPR & First Aid Course, or Specialty Courses (Night dive, Boat Diving, Navigation, Wreck Diving, Deep diving, etc.). Courses in theoretical and practical part will be led by SSI/PADI certified instructors. Participants completing any of these courses will receive an official SSI/PADI Certificate
  • Week two (10-15 June): course on underwater archeology. The theoretical part of the course will be conducted at ICUA Zadar, and a practical part in Pakoštane, at the archaeological site. Lectures will be conducted according to the ICUA program for underwater archeology, and expanded on basis of underwater archeology at the University of Zadar. All participants will take part in archaeological excavations of the ancient site for on-site training. Participants completing this course will receive an ICUA official certificate of successful course completion.
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